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Baby Naming Ceremonies

Every country and nation has a ceremony to welcome a new child into the world to give that child a recognition and to celebrate the birth of a new life. I have developed a ceremony to...

Welcome a child into the family and to the world

To remind all concerned of the great responsibility involved in bringing up a child

To recognize and appoint those who will have an important role in the child’s development and upbringing

A naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to welcome a new life into the family unit and a most enjoyable occasion bringing family and friends together in a unique celebration.

Your baby’s ceremony...

Personal and appropriate
Thoughtfully chosen and presented
Attention to Grandparents
Godparents included
Certificates provided
Your chosen location and time

Reaffirmation of Wedding Vows

An opportunity to celebrate a special anniversary

Choose a ceremony from selected wording provided

Select your own significant location

Certificate provided to mark the occasion

Please feel free to meet with me, without obligation, to discuss all aspects of the ceremony. I can assist you to make that special day just as you would wish.

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